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Your body in harmony!

Radiation guard based on innovative technology that
protects you against mobile phone radiation

  • Patentedâ„¢ Swiss designed
  • Award winning scientifically proven anti-radiation technology aimed at mobile device users
    • To protect them from radiation
    • Improve their wellness by use of the chip technology and mitigate the health risks such as Headaches, Stress, Nausea, Ear pathology and others.

How does it work?

Every call you make is actually a micro radiation session. This is demonstrated by the fact that your phone becomes hot as you speak. Harmonifi radiation guard - a small thing doing a huge job, by protecting you against invisible radiation.


Easy attachment

Attaches easily to the rear panel of your phone. 3 years recommended operating time

Activates during call

Activates simultaneously with your mobile phone and harmonizes the negative effect of the electromagnetic radiation

High-tech microstructure

Harmonifi chip has granulous composition that harmonizes the negative effect of the electromagnetic radiation

Double protection

Protects mobile phone users against invisible radiation & prevents devices from heating up during long calls

It's for everyone and anyone

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    HarmonfiYourSelf - means Your body in Harmony ! Be in perfect Harmony after placing our uniquely made innovative chip technology on the back of your phone, receive and call safely with Harmonifi!

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    HarmonifiYourFamily - to safeguard your entire family against radiation and magnetic waves by using our chip technology is quite easy and quick! Just place our chip behind each family members phone and let Harmonifi do what it was designed to. Protect. Shield and Harmonifi!

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    HarmonifiYourBusiness - the smart way to keep your entire team in perfect Harmony is to install our one of a kind chip technology to each and every phone in your office to safeguard each employee against radiation and magnetic waves.

For All Mobile Devices

HarmonifiTM can be used with all mobile devices.

  • Attaches easily to the back of the mobile phone

  • Activates when the mobile phone is used for a call

  • Was developed through Nordic innovation and is made in Switzerland

  • Has received the Swedish Inventors' Association award

  • Has successfully passed trials in Germany and the UK

  • 3 years recommended operating time

Chip installation

Attaches easily to the back of the mobile phone


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